When you come to visit us at The Fireflies Garden we have lots of activities for you to enjoy! An additional service charge is added for this authentic rural farming experience.


Research shows that gardening has a healing effect on the soul. It creates a positive energy for our minds and emotions. At the fireflies garden, we offer this fantastic natural experience where you can spend time in nature, walk around the garden and get involved in some farming activities such as feeding the animals, picking coffee beans and harvesting the garden around you.


While Exploring The lush tropical garden in the riverbank of Yeh Pikat, you can treat yourself by making traditional herbal drinks called Jamu and Loloh.

  • Jamu mainly uses roots like ginger, turmeric and lemongrass added with hint of honeybee or trigona honey.
  • Loloh is a refreshing herbal drink using natural leaves with young coconut water.


When the coffee is in season, guests can participate in picking coffee beans.Later, you can try roasting the coffee beans in the traditional Balinese way (we are more than happy to assist). Then enjoy the best part, brewing your own coffee to drink!


Immerse yourself into the world of Balinese Agricultural by going for a walk in our rice fields with a local tour guide. The view is outstanding, plus you’ll get to learn all about the local wisdom of ‘Sudak.’


Spend an afternoon exploring Taro Village by bicycle. This is an amazing opportunity to visit a local village and experience authentic Bali, including the people, forest, temple, garden and rice fields. Reward yourself with fresh coconut water at the end watching the sunset before it gets dark and we visit the magical fireflies!


In the middle of the garden nothing is more fun than picking the food you’re about to cook… We would love for you to participate. With a little additional cover charge you can discover some of the most popular Balinese dishes for dinner cooked by, well,you!