In the 17th Century a holy priest named MahaRsiMarkandeya traveled from India through east Java with the goal of teaching Hinduism to Balinese people. The Rsi believed in living harmoniously with Mother Nature. He helped local tribes learn agriculture so they could live off the land sustainably without moving. His legacy lives on today and is known as Subak, the complex water management system for rice fields based upon supporting our natural ecosystem. This way of living has been passed down through generations of Balinese people…

However, with the fast advancementof harmful agricultural playinga significant role in defecting the quality of organic farming by introducing destructive materials into the environment such as chemical fertilizer, pesticide, insecticide and many non eco-friendly products for cheaper & faster profits. It is not only damaging the quality of the soil over time, but also the quality of the irrigation water in the rice fields.

Therefore we are committed to educating and supporting our local farmers in the ethics of ‘Subak’ for sustainable farming. This will help produce healthy food and utilize natural resources such as compost, animal biomass for fertilizer and the use of bio urine mix with natural plants for pesticide.

This practice not only serves healthy crops and healthy people but also serves the whole ecosystem, including our beloved fireflies!

Organic Farming

Organic farming is the natural answer to creating a well-balanced ecosystem for sustainability. Because wildlife depends on human behavior it is our responsibility to maintain a thriving agriculture that supports the land we live on for both humans and animals. This is done by preserving natural habitats and farming ethically.