Conserving The Jewels of The Night

When was the last time you saw fireflies? Was it as a young child or never at all? Here in Taro Village we invite you to come see our ‘Jewels of The Night’ and experience the beauty of fireflies in real life…

Did you know that fireflies are notactually flies butbeetles in the Lampyridae insect family? There are over 2000 species of fireflies across the world. They are found in mostly tropical environments however sadly the population is decreasing over the years due to habitat degradation, pollution, pesticide use and climate change.

In Taro village we have created a conservation garden for the fireflies in the hope of restoring their natural ecosystem across our villages so they can soon fly freely… The 6×30 square meter garden is in a natural habitat (rice field) with fresh air, clean running water and plenty of plants nearby to support their development.

With your help visiting the garden we can support and teach local farmers the benefits of organic farming to create the perfect natural environment for fireflies to survive and live.  We do this by teaching farmers to stop using synthetic fertilizer with compost and instead use a natural Bio-pesticide.

Our research is supported by ‘The Faculty of Biology (MIPA) of Udayana University, Denpasar.

The Local Wisdom

There are two mystical beliefs for fireflies in Balinese culture. One that fireflies are guides of the lost souls, and two that fireflies are the nails remaining from a dead person… Which one do you believe in?